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Cerne Abbas Church
50.809521° N, 2.475497° W
main dates
1300 constructed

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  • Overview

    by Holly Hayes
    October 27, 2011

    The exterior of the church has a variety of interesting gargoyles and carvings, including a friendly open-mouthed gargoyle near the entrance. This is the chimney outlet for a fireplace in the priest's room. Above the west door is a stone carving of the Madonna and Child, one of few such statues to escape destruction by Oliver Cromwell. The tower and its gargoyles were added in the late 15th century. The oldest part of the church is the chancel, which dates from the early 14th century. All the walls of the original church were once painted in bright colors. continue reading →

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  • Cerne Abbas

    Posted November 15, 2006 by Holly Hayes Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

    On our way back home from Weymouth on Sunday, we stopped at Cerne Abbas, a village in the county of Dorset with a population of just over 700. It's delightful. But it's best known for the giant chalk drawing on a hillside just outside of town, known as the Cerne Abbas Giant or "Rude Man." You can probably guess how he…

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