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National Museum of Scotland
55.946926° N, 3.190466° W
Chambers Street
0131 225 7534

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    The National Museum of Scotland occupies a striking modern building designed by the architectural firm Benson and Forsyth and constructed from 1991 to 1998. Made of creamy yellow Moray sandstone, it features a large round tower that stands prominently at the intersection of two major roads in Edinburgh's Old Town. Although very modern, the architecture of the National Museum is inspired by historic Scottish brochs, tower houses and tenements.

    Inside, the National Museum of Scotland displays some 12,000 objects from all periods of Scotland's history, from the prehistoric era to the modern day. It contains especially fine collections of Pictish carved slabs and Viking metalwork, and is home to the famous Lewis Chessmen, a set of endearing ivory figures found on the Isle of Lewis. view full text →

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