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Louvre Museum
Musée du Louvre
48.860868° N, 2.336655° E
main dates
1793 constructed
Rue de Rivoli

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    The Louvre Museum is extremely large and impossible to see in its entirety in a single day. Visitors are advised to plan a visit based on their particular interests and spread their time over several days if possible. The color-coded maps provided by the museum are excellent for planning, showing the locations and highlights of each department and pointing out exactly where to find the most famous exhibits. The layout of the historic Palais du Louvre and its multiple floors can make navigation confusing, but the museum is otherwise one of the most visitor-friendly in Europe. The exhibits are beautifully presented, well-labeled and well-lit; the allowance of photography (except in the Paintings department) contributes to the enjoyment of the exhibits and relaxed atmosphere. view full text →

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