Trinity Church, New York City

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Dating from 1846, this historic church offers Gothic flying buttresses, stained-glass windows and an ancient churchyard in the midst of modern skyscrapers. It withstood 9/11 and appeared in the movie National Treasure.

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Trinity Church
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Broadway and Wall Street
New York City, New York
40.708084° N, 74.012119° W
212-602-0800 (general) 212-602-0872 (tour reservations) 212-602-0747 (concert information)
Date Published
October 8, 2013
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April 11, 2015


First version of Trinity Church constructed, funded by a tax

The first version of Trinity Church, a stone building facing the river, is constructed with funds from a tax on all citizens.

September 21, 1776

Trinity Church burns down during the American Revolution. It will remain in ruins until 1790.


Trinity Church is rebuilt.


The second Trinity Church building in New York City is demolished after a heavy snowfall damages the roof.

Queen Anne grants Trinity Church large parcel of land

Queen Anne grants Trinity Church a large parcel of land on the west side of Manhattan, from present-day Fulton Street to Christopher Street. The land, known as the Queen's Farm, becomes the Church Farm. The grant also includes rights to all unclaimed shipwrecks and beached whales.


Trinity Church in New York City receives its charter from King William III of England.

Trinity Church grants some land to King's College (later Columbia University)

Trinity Church in New York City grants some of its land (the area now bounded by Church Street, Barclay Street, West Street and Murray) to King's College, later known as Columbia University.


The leaders of Trinity Church in New York take the Loyalist side during the Revolutionary War.


Trinity Church founds the Charity School (now known as the Trinity School). It is the oldest school in continuous operation in New York City.

September 21, 1776
British retake New York City from Continental Army

The British retake New York City from the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. In the course of the battle, a great fire spreads across Lower Manhattan.


The New York State Legislature appoints patriots as Trustees and modifies the charter of the former Loyalist Trinity Church to conform with the new state constitution. The Patriot priest Samuel Provoost becomes rector.

Dedication of Trinity Church, the first Gothic Revival building in New York City

Dedication of the present Trinity Church in New York City, the third building on the site. Designed by architect Richard Upjohn, it is the first Gothic Revival building in the city and one of the first in the nation. It is well-received by New Yorkers.

Queen Elizabeth II visits Trinity Church, receives 279 peppercorns in rent

Queen Elizabeth II is presented with a symbolic owed rent of 279 peppercorns on her historic visit to Trinity Church in New York.

September 11, 2001

Trinity Church remains standing as the World Trade Center falls nearby. (But the historic pipe organ is severely damaged by dust and debris and will be replaced in 2007.) The gates of Trinity Church become an impromptu memorial to the victims, with tokens of remembrance left by both locals and visitors.


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