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Rockefeller Museum
31.784399° N, 35.235643° E
main dates
1927 constructed

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    by Holly Hayes
    May 1, 2013

    Located near Herod's Gate, and named for John D. Rockefeller, who financed its construction with a gift of $2 million in 1927, the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum is a treasury of regional archaeological finds ranging from the Stone Age to the 18th century. The museum's eclectic 1930s design is a Jerusalem landmark that combines elements of Byzantine, Islamic, and art deco, and includes a beautiful cloister garden set around a reflecting pool. The museum also holds a number of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the bulk of which are in the Israel Museum. continue reading →

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Holly Hayes
October 8, 2013
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July 11, 2014

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