Sant'Antimo Abbey, Tuscany

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Founded in 770 in a Tuscan valley near Siena, Sant'Antimo may be the most beautiful abbey in Italy. Gregorian chant can be heard from inside the elegant Romanesque church throughout the day.

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Sant'Antimo Abbey
Street Address
Near Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy
42.999704° N, 11.515582° E
0577 835659


  • Abbey church of Sant'Antimo rebuilt in Romanesque style

    The church of Sant'Antimo Abbey is rebuilt in a Romanesque style with Lombard and French influences. The date 1118 is inscribed on a column in the ambulatory.

  • Abbey of Sant'Antimo founded

    The Abbey of Sant'Antimo is founded in Tuscany on the site of an ancient martyrium to its namesake. Commissioned by the Lombards, the monastery will serve as a rest stop for pilgrims, merchants, soldiers and officials traveling on the Via Francigena between Rome and France.

  • Charlemagne stops at Sant'Antimo Abbey and sets his seal on the foundation. A legend later develops that he founded the abbey after falling ill nearby and praying for deliverance, but it was actually founded in 770.

  • Construction of Sant'Antimo Abbey

    Construction of Sant'Antimo Abbey


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