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Santa Maria sopra Minerva
Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva
41.897997° N, 12.478130° E
Piazza della Minerva 42

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  • First Night in Rome

    Posted November 15, 2010 by Holly Hayes Part of: UK and Western Europe

    So finally, the first of the Rome reports! First, the hotel. It's called Les Fleurs Luxury House (a half-French, half-English name in Italy...) and was very nice. It has a good location and its modern decor was a welcome change from the older, more traditional hotels we've had in Italy so far. The hotel is very small,…

  • A Long, Busy and Fun Day in Rome

    Posted April 20, 2008 by Holly Hayes Part of: The Great European Road Trip

    Greetings from Spoleto! This is a fantastic town and we've had such a nice stay here. The weather has been beautiful (mostly sunny and low 70s) and we've visited wonderful churches, a castle, and taken in some beautiful views. The region of Umbria is gorgeous - green, hilly, and full of lovely little towns - and if our…

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