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Sistine ChapelSistine Chapel
Vatican City

This world-famous chapel painted by Michelangelo is still used for papal elections.

St. Peter's BasilicaSt. Peter's Basilica
Vatican City, Vatican City

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City is the world headquarters of Roman Catholicism and one of the largest churches in the world. Founded by Constantine the Great in 324, it stands over the tomb of Saint Peter the Apostle.

Spoleto CathedralSpoleto Cathedral
Spoleto, Italy

The lovely Duomo di Spoleto dates from the 12th century. It features a fine Romanesque facade, magnificent frescoes by Fra Filippo Lippi and others, and a handwritten letter from St. Francis of Assisi.

Santa Maria delle GrazieSanta Maria delle Grazie
Milan, Italy

The former Dominican monastery church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan is home to Leonardo da Vinci's *Last Supper*, one of the most famous paintings in the world.

Santa Maria dei MiracoliSanta Maria dei Miracoli
Venice, Italy

A barrel-shaped church covered in marble, Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a fine example of Venetian Renaissance architecture and a favorite among Venetians for weddings. Inside, the coffered ceiling glistens with golden miniatures of prophets.

Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)
Evora, Portugal

Part of a Franciscan church, the remarkable Chapel of Bones was lined with human bones and skulls in the 16th century as a reminder of immortality.

Chiesa del GesùChiesa del Gesù
Rome, Italy

This grand Renaissance church is the headquarters of the Jesuits and has served as the model for Jesuit churches everywhere. It contains famous ceiling frescoes and the tomb of St. Ignatius, the order's founder.

Trinità dei MontiTrinità dei Monti
Rome, Italy

This twin-towered Renaissance church in Rome is best known for its iconic position atop the Spanish Steps.

Rialto BridgeRialto Bridge
Venice, Italy

The oldest of four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, the Rialto Bridge was completed in 1592 to a design by Antonio da Ponte.

Florence DuomoFlorence Duomo
Florence, Italy

This magnificent cathedral is notable for its revolutionary dome designed by Brunelleschi (1436), its tall campanile by Giotto, fine marble exterior and splendid baptistery. Inside, the Duomo is a veritable museum of Renaissance art.

Vatican MuseumsVatican Museums
Vatican City

The Vatican Museums are among the best in the world, with treasures including classical sculptures, early Christian artifacts, Egyptian mummies and Renaissance masterpieces.