Renaissance Places

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Luther HouseLuther House

The house where Luther and his family lived is well-preserved and full of Reformation relics, including Luther's desk, his pulpit, and first editions of his books.

Melanchthon HouseMelanchthon House

The Renaissance mansion of Philip Melanchthon, Luther's right-hand man and the main author of the Augsburg Confession. It is now a museum commemorating his life.

Musée RolinMusée Rolin
Autun, France

Housed in a Renaissance mansion, this museum displays Gallo-Roman and Romanesque artifacts and religious art. Most notable is Gislebertus' sensual *Temptation of Eve*, rescued from the cathedra

San Luigi dei Francesi
Rome, Italy

Dedicated to King Louis of France, this Renaissance church is the heart of the Rome's French community. It has a fine facade and three outstanding paintings by Caravaggio.

Cathedral of the Archangel
Moscow, Russia

Arkhangelsky Sobor was built 1505-08 by an Italian architect. Inside are frescoes by Russian artists from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Santa Maria del Popolo
Rome, Italy

A 15th-century church filled with Renaissance and Baroque art by masters such as Raphael, Caravaggio, and Bernini.

Holy House of Loreto
Loreto, Italy

Since medieval times, the Santa Casa di Loreto has been believed to be the very home in which the Virgin Mary lived and raised the young Jesus. A large basilica was built around the small shrine.

Court Church
Innsbruck, Austria

The Hofkirche in Innsbruck is a royal mausoleum built in 1553. It contains the ornate black marble tomb of Emperor Maximilian I surrounded by larger-than-life bronze sculptures of his ancestors.

Salzburg Cathedral
Salzburg, Austria

Hailed by some as the most perfect Renaissance building in the Germanic countries, Salzburg's cathedral has a marble facade, twin symmetrical towers and the font in which Mozart was baptized.

Nave Ceiling

The striking coffered ceiling over the nave prominently features the Borghese emblems (rosettes and bulls). It is said to be gilded with the first gold brought from the New World by Columbus, presented to the Spanish pope Alexander VI (1492-1503) by Ferdinand and Isabella.

Luther House
Eisenach, Germany

This is where Martin Luther lived as a schoolboy with the Cotta family from 1498 to 1501. The half-timbered house preserves the two rooms used by Luther and displays Reformation artifacts.

Wartburg Castle

This imposing castle, a symbol of German identity and a World Heritage Site, is where Luther lived in hiding as Knight George. Here he threw an inkpot at the devil and translated the Bible into German