Saint Andrew's Crosses

Crosses in the form of the letter X, used as a heraldic symbol in the form of a diagonal cross or letter X and as a symbol for Saint Andrew, who is said to have been martyred on such a cross.

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Saint Andrew's crosses
Saint Andrew's cross
crosses, Saint Andrew's
crosses decussate
cruces decussatae
crux decussata
Saint Andrew's saltire crosses
St. Andrew's crosses
andreaskruisen Dutch
andreaskruis Dutch
sint-andrieskruis Dutch
sint-andrieskruisen Dutch
st.-andrieskruisen Dutch
croci di Sant'Andrea Italian
croce di Sant'Andrea Italian
croce di S. Andrea Italian
croci decussate Italian
croce decussata Italian
croci decussi Italian
croce dicusse Italian
cruces de San Andrés Spanish
cruz de San Andrés Spanish
cruz aspada Spanish
cruz decusata Spanish
cruz de borgoña Spanish
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