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Mosque of Bala LakeMosque of Bala Lake
Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Nicknamed the "Forty Pillars Mosque" (its porch has 20 slender columns, which reflect in the adjacent pool), the unique Bolo Hauz Mosque in Bukhara was built in 1712.

Qutb MinarQutb Minar
New Delhi, India

Rising 237 feet above a ruined mosque complex, this early Indo-Islamic tower is the tallest brick minaret in the world. It has a unique fluted design and is decorated with intricate reliefs and verses from the Quran. Begun around 1198, it is thought to be based on models in Afghanistan.

La GiraldaLa Giralda

The Giralda is one of three remaining Almohad minarets in the world (the other two are in Morocco). The beautiful structure became the bell tower of Seville Cathedral after the Reconquista.