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Northern Ireland

Currently a consituent unit of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland comprises the northeastern part of Ireland island, the core of the historic province of Ulster. It was ruled by the O'Neills of Tyrone in the 16th century. When the rest of Ireland demanded home rule in the late 19th century, the Protestant majority in Northern Ireland remained loyal to United Kingdom.


Inhabited by many ethnic nationalities including Mojave, Yuma and Chumash when Spanish arrived in 16th cen.; Franciscans established missions all along coast; went to Mexico in 1820s; went to US in 1848; great influx of settlers from E arrived in gold rush.


Originally inhabited by Celts; not subdued by Rome; was stronghold for Britons & Celts against invading Anglo-Saxons in 5th cen. CE; repulsed Danish invasions 9th cen.; saw conflict with England from 11th cen. until Edward I of England gained control.