Masonic Buildings

Buildings in which (prior to the 17th century) skilled stone masons or (since the early 17th century) members of the societies of Freemasons gathered, whether socially or professionally.

Quick Facts

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masonic buildings
masonic building
building, masonic
buildings, masonic
freemasons' hall
freemasons' halls
freemasons' lodge
freemasons' lodges
freemasons' temple
freemasons' temples
hall, freemasons'
hall, masonic
halls, freemasons'
halls, masonic
lodge, freemasons'
lodge, masonic
lodges, freemasons'
lodges, masonic
masonic hall
masonic halls
masonic lodge
masonic lodges
masonic temple
masonic temples
temple, freemasons'
temple, masonic
temples, freemasons'
temples, masonic
vrijmetselaarsloges Dutch
vrijmetselaarsloge Dutch
edificios masónicos Spanish
edificio masónico Spanish
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