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Note: only places with dates in our database can be sorted by date.

Cassington ChurchCassington Church
Cassington, England, UK
early 12th cent.

Founded in the early 12th century, Cassington Church was served by ministers from Christ Church, Oxford. Today it retains its single nave and many original Norman elements.

Dorchester AbbeyDorchester Abbey
Dorchester-on-Thames, England, UK
12th-14th cents.

Now an Anglican parish church, Dorchester Abbey was originally a cathedral founded by St. Birinus (in 635 CE) and later became an Augustinian abbey. The present building dates from the 12th to 14th centuries and contains some exceptional medieval stained glass and sculpture.

University Church of St Mary the VirginUniversity Church of St Mary the Virgin
Oxford, England, UK

The official church of the University of Oxford, St. Mary's Church has seen many historic sermons over the centuries and holds regular services today. You can climb the tower for spectacular views of the city.

St MarySt Mary
Iffley, England, UK

Built around 1170 and exceptionally well preserved, Iffley Church is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in England. The west and south door are richly carved with zigzag decorations, beakheads and figurative reliefs.

Church of St GilesChurch of St Giles
Oxford, England, UK

This 12th-century parish church just north of Oxford's city center was consecrated by St. Hugh of Lincoln.

Church of St MichaelChurch of St Michael
Oxford, England, UK

This parish church boasts the oldest building in Oxford (tower, c. 1040) and some of the oldest stained glass windows in England (1290). Thomas Cranmer was imprisoned here before his martyrdom, and William Shakespeare and John Wesley visited later.

St. Philip and St. James ChurchSt. Philip and St. James Church
Oxford, England, UK

This attractive Victorian Gothic church dating from 1860 is considered one of G.E. Street's principal works. It now houses the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. The interior is not open to the public, but the exterior is well worth a look.

Church of St MaryChurch of St Mary
Bampton, England, UK

Originally a Saxon minster, this large parish church dates mainly from the late 13th century but retains some earlier elements. It has an attractive 13th-century spire and some notable interior decorations. The church is currently starring in the British television series *Downton Abbey*.

St. Mary's ChurchSt. Mary's Church
Black Bourton, England, UK

This charming village parish church is well worth a visit for its Norman architecture and faded 13th-century murals of biblical scenes and saints.

Avebury ChurchAvebury Church
Avebury, England, UK

Located just outside the famous stone circle, St James Church is the parish church of Avebury village. Primarily 12th-century Norman, it also has some surviving Saxon features.

Parish Church of St Mary the VirginParish Church of St Mary the Virgin
Chipping Norton, England, UK

The 15th-century parish church in Oxfordshire is notable for its impressive Gothic nave, funded by the lucrative Cotswolds wool trade. It also has a unique hexagonal porch featuring Green Men.

Cuddesdon Parish ChurchCuddesdon Parish Church
Cuddesdon, England, UK

Built in 1180, this attractive parish church in Oxfordshire features several fine Norman arches and two large porches.