Reformation Places

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Wall of ReformersWall of Reformers
Geneva, Switzerland

This huge monument was constructed in 1917 to commemorate Geneva's significant role in the Reformation. It features an array of stone statues, bas-reliefs and inscriptions.

Castle Church (Schloßkirche)Castle Church (Schloßkirche)
Wittenberg, Germany

On the door of this church in 1517, Martin Luther posted his *95 Theses* against the sale of indulgences and launched the Reformation. The church contains the tombs of Luther, Melanchthon and Frederick the Wise.

Erasmus House
Brussels, Belgium

The great humanist and reformer Erasmus of Rotterdam only lived here for less than a year, in 1521, but tourists have been visiting his house since the 17th century. It now houses a museum.

Grave of Martin Luther

The final resting place of the Father of the Reformation is marked by a small stone block and plaque at the front of the nave of the Castle Church, Wittenberg.

Luther's Birth House

Martin Luther was born in this half-timbered house in 1483. Opened to the public in 1693, it was the first memorial museum in Germany.

House of Theodore BezaHouse of Theodore Beza
Vézelay, France

On the picturesque main street of Vezelay, a small plaque marks the house in which John Calvin's right-hand man was born in 1519.

Luther Oak

This great oak tree at the end of Collegienstrasse was planted on the very spot where Luther burned the papal bull threatening him with excommunication in 1520.