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Inhabited before 9,000 BCE; home to Crow, Ute, Bannock, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Comanche, Kiowa and Dakota in modern times, only Shoshoni and Arapaho survived by 1890s; most Europeans arrived 19th cen.; area came to USA with Louisiana Purchase and after Mexican War.


Inhabited by Ojibwa (Chippewa), Sauk, Fox, Kickapoo, Winnebago and others when French arrived from Canada in 17th cen.; went to British in 1763, to USA after Revolution; large influx of Europeans occurred in 1820s; supported Union in Civil War.

West Virginia

Inhabited by mammoth-hunters 12,000 BCE, by Archaic People 9,000 BCE and Mound Builders ca. 500 BCE, then Fort Ancient people; Iroquois League dominated by 1650; Europeans settled in 17th-18th cen.; invaded by British during Revolution; pro-Union in Civil War.


Inhabited by many groups of NW Coast Indians and North American Plateau Indians when European and American fur traders and Protestant missionaries arrived in 18th-19th cen.; N border was agreed upon by Britain (Canada) and the USA in 1846.


Inhabited by Tutelo Indians, Powhatan, Conoy & others; English settled here in early 17th cen., had white & black indentured servants, later employed slaves; fought in American Revolution; joined Confederacy & was site of bloody battles in Civil War.


Originally inhabited by Amerindian hunters; settled by French in 17th cen., by Dutch in 1724, by British after 1763; fought for independence from New Hampshire & New York, then in Revolution; saw only Confederate attack N of Pennsylvania in Civil War.


Inhabited by 10,000 BCE; Anasazi culture arrived from SW ca. 400 CE; Shoshoni (including Southern Paiute, Gosiute & Ute) lived here when Spanish arrived 16th-18th cen.; European-Americans arrived in 19th cen.; went USA in 1848 after the Mexican War.


Possibly inhabited by 35,000 BCE; later had hunting and agrarian cultures; formed loose Caddo confederacies; Spanish and French settled here 16th-18th centuries; European-Americans came in 19th century; territorial conflict with Mexico 1830s; Confederate in Civil War.


Inhabited by Mound Builders; later was home to Cherokee, Chickasaw, Shawnee and Creek tribes; visited by Spanish & French 16th-17th cen.; Virginians & North Carolinians settled here 18th cen.; joined Confederacy in 1861, site of bloody battles in Civil War.

South Dakota

Inhabited mainly by agrarian Arikara and nomadic Sioux when French and Spanish came in 18th cen.; part of Louisiana Purchase of 1803; homesteaded by Germans, Scandinavians & Russians in mid-19th cen.; gold rush precipitated infamous Indian Wars late 19th cen.

South Carolina

Inhabited by Cusabo, Creek, Congaree and others when Spanish, French & English arrived 16-17th cen.; Europeans penetrated inland in 18th cen.; strongly supported the American Revolution; was slave state, the first to join Confederacy in 1860 in Civil War.

Rhode Island

First European settlements were established by English colonists banished from Massachusetts in 1630s; attracted diverse population, including Quakers and Jews; fought in Revolution; long resisted ratification of the Constitution; was strongly pro-Union.