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Occupied mainly by Algonquian, with Iroquoian-speakers in E, when English, Dutch and Swedes settled here 17th cen.; haven for religious dissenters founded by W Penn in 1682; suffered battles in French and Indian wars; was strongly pro-Revolution and pro-Union.


Oregon is a state on the west coast of the United States. It became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859. Oregon's largest city is Portland and its capital is Salem.


Had Clovis and Folsom cultures 13,000 BCE; other advanced cultures thrived 500-1300 CE; Wichita, Osage, Kiowa, Comanche, Apache and others were here when Spanish & French came 16-18th cen.; in Louisiana Purchase; tribes from N and E were forced here in 19th cen.


Inhabited by 5000 BCE; center for Hopewell culture before 400 CE; home to Miami, Shawnee, Wyandot, Delaware and others when French & British arrived 17-18th cen.; Amerindians supported British in Revolution; 300,000 soldiers fought for Union in Civil War.

North Dakota

Was inhabited by both agricultural and nomadic tribes including Mandans, Chippewas, Crees, Sioux and Crows when French came in 18th cen.; was one of last areas of American frontier to be settled by Europeans, most settlers arrived in 2nd half of 19th cen.

North Carolina

Inhabited since 14,000 BCE; Catawba, Cherokee and others were here when Europeans arrived 16th-17th cen., last group was forced out in 1830s; had internal strife due to divided loyalties during the American Revolution; joined the Confederacy in Civil War.

New York

Occupied by Algonquians (Mohican & Munsee) and Iroquois (Five Nations) when Europeans settled here in 17th cen.; French and Algonquians warred with English & Iroquois in 18th cen.; state was divided during Revolution; supported Union in Civil War.

New Mexico

Inhabited by 8,000 BCE; Anasazi & ancestors of Pima & Papago lived here by 12-13th cen. CE; Navajo & Apache arrived here from N by 15th cen.; Spanish arrived 16-17th cen.; area went to Mexico in 1821, to USA in 1848 in Mexican War; with Union in Civil War.

New Jersey

Was summer home of Delaware (Lenni Lenape) Indians when Dutch, English, Scots-Irish and Swedes settled here in 17th cen.; Tory activity and several battles occurred in area during Revolution; sentiment was mainly pro-Union in Civil War.

New Hampshire

Region was explored by French and English in early 17th cen.; was included in land grant to John Mason in 1629; had long boundary feud with Massachusetts and New York; fought in Revolution and was strongly pro-Union.


Inhabited by 18,000 BCE; later Basket Makers and Pueblo Indians flourished; Mohave, Paiute, Shoshoni, Washoe & others were here when Spanish came in 18th cen.; European-Americans arrived in 19th cen.; went to USA after Mexican War in 1848; was pro-Union.


Inhabited by prehistoric cultures from 8000 BCE; later, was home to several tribes including Sioux and Pawnee, whose lifestyle altered with arrival of Spanish horses in 16th cen.; major European influx came after Louisiana Purchase; pro-Union in Civil War.