Verona, Italy Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Roman Arena of VeronaRoman Arena of Verona
Verona, Italy
c. 20-30 CE

The third-largest Roman amphitheater in the world after those in Rome and Capua, this ancient arena dominates the town square of Verona and hosts a famous opera festival each summer.

Verona CathedralVerona Cathedral
Verona, Italy

Dating primarily from the 12th century, Verona's cathedral features fine Romanesque carvings, some Early Christian artifacts, and a lovely painting by Titian.

San Zeno MaggioreSan Zeno Maggiore
Verona, Italy

The most important church in Verona, San Zeno Maggiore was founded in the 5th century and rebuilt in the 12th century. It offers fine bronze doors, facade reliefs, medieval murals and many other important artworks.

Verona, Italy

The largest church in Verona, this Dominican edifice was built alongside the river in 1291. It contains some important Gothic and Early Renaissance art.

San Pietro Martire
Verona, Italy

This tiny 14th-century church next to Sant'Anastasia is now used for exhibitions. It contains an allegorial fresco of the Annunciation by Giovanni Maria Falconetto.

Lapidary Museum
Verona, Italy

Verona's Lapidary Museum displays an impressive collection of Greek inscriptions from the 5th cent. BC to 5th cent. AD, as well as other ancient and medieval artifacts from the region.