United States

Settled 40,000 years ago by ancestors of Amerindians; diverse cultures developed; Spanish, French, British and others settled here from 16th century, native cultures were largely destroyed; nation expanded westward through 19th century; had Civil War in 1860s; official language is English, though a sizable minority speaks Spanish, and various other languages are also spoken.

Quick Facts on the United States

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USA abbreviation
United States
United States of America official
334,998,398 (#3 in world) (2021 est.)
English only 78.2%, Spanish 13.4%, Chinese 1.1%, other 7.3% (2017 est.)
Ethnic Groups
White 72.4%, Black 12.6%, Asian 4.8%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.9%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.2%, other 6.2%, two or more races 2.9% (2010 est.)
Protestant 46.5%, Roman Catholic 20.8%, Jewish 1.9%, Mormon 1.6%, other Christian 0.9%, Muslim 0.9%, Jehovah's Witness 0.8%, Buddhist 0.7%, Hindu 0.7%, other 1.8%, unaffiliated 22.8%, don't know/refused 0.6% (2014 est.)
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