Turkey Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Surb KhachSurb Khach
Akdamar Island, Turkey

The Church of the Holy Cross on Akdamar Island is a ruined Armenian cathedral dating from 921. Beautifully situated on Lake Van, the church is famed for its early medieval sculptures.

Basilica of Holy PeaceBasilica of Holy Peace
Istanbul, Turkey

The Basilica of Holy Peace dates from the 6th century and was transformed into the arsenal of the Topkapi Palace in the 1460s. Today, its excellent acoustics make it a popular venue for concerts.

Yeni CamiiYeni Camii
Istanbul, Turkey

The "New Mosque" is not so new - it was built in the 1600s. Designed by Da'ud Aga, a pupil of Sinan, Yeni Camii has become a defining feature of Istanbul's skyline.

Zeus AltarZeus Altar
Bergama, Turkey

The Zeus Altar was constructed by Eumenes II (d.159 BC) as a memorial of his victory against the Galatians. The altar is now in Berlin's Pergamon Museum, but the original site provides a sense of th

Kariye Camii (St. Savior in Chora)Kariye Camii (St. Savior in Chora)
Istanbul, Turkey

This 11th-century church (later a mosque and now a museum) contains one of the finest preserved galleries of Byzantine mosaics anywhere.

Slope HousesSlope Houses
Ephesus, Turkey

These well-preserved dwellings provide an important window into the lifestyles of the Ephesian elite in Roman and Byzantine times.

Suleymaniye MosqueSuleymaniye Mosque
Istanbul, Turkey

Commissioned by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and constructed by the great Ottoman architect Sinan, this beautiful mosque patterned after the Hagia Sophia was finished in 1557.