Syria Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Great Mosque of Damascus (Umayyad Mosque)Great Mosque of Damascus (Umayyad Mosque)
Damascus, Syria

This historic 7th-century mosque stands on a site that has been sacred since 1000 BC. It has medieval mosaics on the facade and a shrine to John the Baptist inside.

Shrine of Sayidda ZeinabShrine of Sayidda Zeinab
Damascus, Syria

Located in the town of Sayyidah Zaynab south of Damascus, the Shrine of Sayidda Zeinab is an opulent Iranian-style Shi'a mosque and shrine. It shelters the tomb of Sayidda Zeinab, the daughter of Imam Ali and granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad. A large mosque is attached to the shrine.

Straight StreetStraight Street
Damascus, Syria

This historic street is as straight today as when it was walked by St. Paul. Today it contains many markets, the House of Ananias, several Roman arches and mosques.

Great Mosque of AleppoGreat Mosque of Aleppo
Aleppo, Syria

This Umayyad mosque was founded just 10 years after its more famous counterpart in Damascus. Recently restored to gleaming beauty, it is notable for its geometric courtyard paving and shrine of Zechar.

Aleppo CitadelAleppo Citadel
Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo's Citadel is an enormous fortress, considered the oldest and best in Syria. The current structure dates from around the 13th century, when it was used by Saladin's son, and it contains two mosques.

Damascus CitadelDamascus Citadel
Damascus, Syria

The citadel of Damascus, smaller than the one in Aleppo, dates mainly from the Ayyubid and Mameluke periods, when Sultan al Adil used it to defend Damascus against the Crusaders and Mongols in the 13th century.

Dura EuroposDura Europos

This important archaeological site in eastern Syria has been called the "Pompeii of the Desert." Abandoned and filled with sand following a siege in 256, the ancient city contains the oldest surviving house-church and synagogue ever found.

Krak des ChevaliersKrak des Chevaliers

This remarkably well-preserved Crusader castle looks almost exactly as it did 800 years ago. T.E. Lawrence called it "the finest castle in the world."


Palmyra was once a great and powerful Roman city, as its impressive ruins attest. Substantial ruins of temples to Bel and Baal can be seen here, as well as towers tombs and a castle.

Apamea Archaeological SiteApamea Archaeological Site
Qalaat al-Mudik, Syria

This ancient Roman city includes an exceptionally long Cardo Maximus (main street) and a variety of classical and Byzantine ruins.

Church of St. Simeon

Qal'a Sim'an is home to the Church of St. Simeon, a well-preserved 5th-century church 60 km from Aleppo. It stands on the site of the pillar of St. Simeon Stylites, a famed hermit monk.


The ruins of Jerada include extensive remains of upper-class houses, a 6-story watchtower and a 5th-century Byzantine cathedral. Column capitals and lintels feature simple geometric designs reminiscen