Myanmar Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Shwedagon Pagoda
Yangon, Myanmar

The holiest shrine in all of Myanmar, this spectacular pagoda crowns a hill above Yangon and sparkles with pure gold and diamonds.

Ananda Pahto Temple
Bagan, Myanmar

The first of the great temples to be built at Bagan, Ananda Pahto is also one of the most beautiful.

Dhammayangyi Pahto Temple
Bagan, Myanmar

The largest temple at Bagan, Dhammayangyi is said to have been built as atonement by a wicked king.

Shwezigon Paya
Bagan, Myanmar

This large golden stupa played an important role in the development of Burmese Buddhism and became the prototype for many later stupas throughout Myanmar.

Nathlaung Kyaung Temple
Bagan, Myanmar

Dedicated to Vishnu, this square brick structure is the only surviving Hindu temple at Bagan.