Israel Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Dome of the RockDome of the Rock
Jerusalem, Israel

Built in the 7th century, this beautiful blue-and-gold shrine houses the rock from which the Prophet took his Night Journey into heaven. The rock is also associated with Abraham's near-sacrifice of Isaac in the Hebrew Bible.

Rockefeller MuseumRockefeller Museum
Jerusalem, Israel

Based on a substantial donation from American John D. Rockefeller, this museum houses a variety of archaeological finds from the Holy Land.

Church of St. GabrielChurch of St. Gabriel
Nazareth, Israel

Orthodox tradition has it that the Annunciation occurred not at Mary's house but while she was fetching water. This 17th-century Orthodox church is built over the spring that fed Mary's Well, the traditional place where the mother of Jesus fetched water for her household.

Church of the VisitationChurch of the Visitation
Jerusalem, Israel

Built over the traditional home of John the Baptist's parents, this Franciscan church commemorates the meeting of Mary and Elizabeth when they were both pregnant.

House-Church of St. PeterHouse-Church of St. Peter
Capernaum, Israel

The ruins of the traditional House of St. Peter, where the New Testament says Jesus lived during his Galilee ministry, healed a paralytic and healed Peter's mother, also contain evidence of multiple Early Christian churches.

Al-Aqsa MosqueAl-Aqsa Mosque
Jerusalem, Israel

This large and important mosque on the Temple Mount was originally built in 710. It features 11th-century mosaics, a 12th-century mihrab, and Romanesque arches added by Crusaders.

Church Where Jesus WeptChurch Where Jesus Wept
Jerusalem, Israel

This Franciscan church marks the spot where Jesus wept over the future destruction of Jerusalem. There is a beautiful view of Temple Mount from here.

Gordon's TombGordon's Tomb
Jerusalem, Israel

Discovered in 1867, this ancient tomb in a peaceful garden is honored by many Protestants as the site of Jesus' burial instead of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City.

Basilica of the AnnunciationBasilica of the Annunciation
Nazareth, Israel

Completed in 1969, this Catholic basilica stands on the traditional site where the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear the Savior. It is built over Crusader and Byzantine foundations.


The "white synagogue" of Capernaum dates from the 2nd to 5th centuries and is believed to stand on the site of a synagogue visited by Jesus.

Baha'i Shrine and Gardens
Haifa, Israel

This important holy site of the Baha'i Faith is home to the Shrine of the Bab, administrative buildings and famous terraced gardens. Pilgrims come to the shrine from all parts of the world to pay homa