Chile Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Ahu TahaiAhu Tahai

This ceremonial platform near a canoe ramp made of rounded beach stones is thought to be among the earliest structures on the island, dating from 690. It was restored by the American archaeologist William Mulloy.

Rapa Nui National Park

This remote island in the South Pacific is home to the famously intriguing moai statues, which were carved by Polynesian settlers between about 400 and 1500 AD.

Ahu Akivi

Constructed sometime after 1400, the moai at Ahu Akivi are 9 miles from the quarry and have a commanding view of the island from their inland location.

Ahu Nau Nau

Overlooking the sandy Anakena Beach are the six moai of Ahu Nau Nau, distinctive for the carvings on their backs and red top knots, or pukaos. This is where the island's first settlers, Hotu Matua and

Ahu Vinapu

This ceremonial platform has impressively carved stones that recall the masonry of ancient Peru.

Orongo Crater

This lake-filled crater is filled with remnants of the Birdman cult practiced until 1867. There are ancient petroglyphs around the rim.