79th Street Subway Station (IRT) Places Nearby

69th Regiment Armory

This formidable brick mass represents a type of building that served in the dual capacity of military facility and social clubhouse for units of the National Guard, particularly the "Fighting 69th," the renowned local unit of the New York National Guard. With roots going back to the American Revolution, this regiment served with distinction during the Civil War, WWI and WWII. It is also nationally significant as the site of the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art, the first major exhibit

Margaret Sanger Clinic

From 1930 to 1973, this house served as the clinic established by Margaret Higgins Sanger (1879-1966), a pioneer in birth control. According to Sanger, her career as an advocate and educator in this field began with the death of a woman who had been told by her doctor that another child could kill her, and yet received no contraceptive information from this doctor save abstinence; the woman died trying to end an unwanted pregnancy. Sanger, who coined the term "birth control," dedicated her life