Conques Abbey Timeline

A hermit named Dadon founds a monastic community in the forest at Conques
A monk from Conques steals the relics of St. Foy from Agen monastery
c. 900
Golden reliquary-statue created for the relics of St. Foy; pilgrim route shifts from Agen to Conques
c. 1030
Construction of Conques Abbey under Abbot Odolric
Carving of the Last Judgment Tympanum at Conques Abbey under Abbot Boniface
Conques Abbey set on fire by Protestants during the Wars of Religion; towers collapse
Treasures of Conques Abbey are hidden by locals to avoid government seizure during the French Revolution
1 Jan 1803
Treasures of Conques Abbey are returned to the church in a procession
Large portion of Conques Abbey cloisters destroyed, following long-term pillaging of stone by villagers
Jun 1837
Prosper Merimée, first Inspector General of Historical Monuments, visits Conques Abbey and begins advocating for its restoration
22 Jun 1873
Bishop Bourret installs Premonstratensian canons to serve Conques Abbey Church
Pierre Soulages designs 104 new windows for Conques Abbey
Dec 1998
"Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France" (71 structures and 7 roads) designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO