North Yorkshire, England Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Note: only places with dates in our database can be sorted by date.

Castle HowardCastle Howard
Henderskelfe, England, UK

Castle Howard is a Baroque country house with extensive landscaped gardens, designed by Sir John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor for the Earl of Carlisle. It is still occupied by the owners but is open to the public.

Fountains AbbeyFountains Abbey
Lindrick with Studley Royal and Fountains, England, UK

Founded by Cistercian monks in 1132, this is the largest monastic ruin in Britain and part of a World Heritage Site. It has many interesting things to see in a beautiful natural setting.

Rievaulx AbbeyRievaulx Abbey
Rievaulx, England, UK

Founded by St. Bernard of Clairvaux in 1132, Rievaulx Abbey now lies in picturesque ruins in a North Yorkshire valley.

Whitby AbbeyWhitby Abbey
Whitby, England, UK

Founded by a Saxon princess, this abbey hosted an important church council and was powerful throughout the Middle Ages. Today, it is an evocative ruin on a windswept cliff overlooking the North Sea.

Byland AbbeyByland Abbey
Byland with Wass, England, UK

Byland Abbey is one of the three great Cistercian monasteries of North Yorkshire, with Fountains and Rievaulx. Although the community had a rocky start, its abbey church was once the largest in England.

Parish Church of St MaryParish Church of St Mary
Whitby, England, UK

The fortress-like exterior of St Mary's Church shelters a charming hodge-podge of box pews, galleries and nautical woodwork from the North Sea weather. And it was featured in *Dracula*.

Clifford's TowerClifford's Tower

A 13th-century fortification built by King Henry III on the site of an earlier wooden keep built by William the Conqueror.

Margaret Clitherow House and Shrine

A tiny medieval house on the Shambles in York, the Shrine of Margaret Clitherow is dedicated to a Catholic housewife who died as a martyr in 1586.

Holy Trinity Church

A charming medieval parish church with uneven floors and wooden box pews.

York MinsterYork Minster
York, England, UK

The largest Gothic cathedral north of the Alps, York Minster has breathtaking proportions - its largest stained glass window is the size of a tennis court.

St. Olave's Church

An 11th-century parish church built in honor of Saint Olaf, King of Norway.