Scottish Borders Historic Sites and Landmarks

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Melrose AbbeyMelrose Abbey
Melrose, Scotland, UK

This Cistercian abbey south of Edinburgh was founded in 1136 and is now in picturesque ruins. It said to enshrine the heart of Robert the Bruce.

Jedburgh AbbeyJedburgh Abbey
Jedburgh, UK

Built in the 12th century by Augustinian monks under royal patronage, Jedburgh Abbey is an impressive ruined abbey overlooking the town of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

Dryburgh AbbeyDryburgh Abbey
Dryburgh, UK

Dryburgh Abbey is a ruined 12th-century abbey located on the Tweed River in the Borders region of Scotland. It is the final resting place of Sir Walter Scott.

Liberalis Stone
Scottish Borders, UK

This Latin inscription, still lying where it was found, dates from the early 6th century. It is one of the most important Early Christian artifacts in Scotland.