Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) Timeline

15 Aug 1769
Birth of Napoleon
Napoleon Goes to College
Sep 1785
Napoleon Graduates
Apr 1791
Napoleon is appointed first lieutenant of the 4th regiment of artillery at Valence. He immediately joins the Jacobin Club, a debating society. Making speeches against nobles, monks, and bishops, he soon becomes the club's president.
Oct 1792
Napoleon returns to Corsica on leave from his regiment, of which he is now captain.
Apr 1793
Civil war breaks out in Corsica. Pasquale Paoli, dictatorial leader of the effort for an independent Corsica, condemns the Bonaparte family to "perpetual execration and infamy," for their opposition to his side. The entire family flees to contin
Jun 1793
Napoleon rejoins his regiment at Nice after several months away in Corsica.
Aug 1793
When the commander of the National Convention's artillery is wounded at Toulon, Napoleon Bonaparte takes over.
Oct 1793
Napoleon is promoted to adjutant general of the National Convention's artillery.
17 Dec 1793
Harassed by Napoleon's artillery, British troops supporting French royalists leave Toulon to the revolutionaries. Napoleon gains great prestige.
17 Dec 1793
Napoleon wounded by bayonet
22 Dec 1793
Napoleon Bonaparte is promoted to rank of Brigadier General at age 24
Feb 1794
Napoleon Bonaparte becomes commandant of the artillery in the French Army of Italy.
Aug 1794
After Robespierre falls from power in Paris, Napoleon is imprisoned for a month in Nice on charges of conspiracy and treason.
Apr 1795
Napoleon travels to Paris in an attempt to secure a prominent military post for himself. He is unsuccessful and considers working for the sultan of Turkey.
5 Oct 1795
Napoleon Bonaparte, second in command of the National Convention, defeats a major royalist revolt in Paris, saving the new Republic. Napoleon becomes commander of the Army of the Interior.
Mar 1796
Napoleon is appointed commander in chief of the Army of Italy.
9 Mar 1796
Napoleon Bonaparte marries Joséphine Tascher de La Pagerie, the attractive Creole widow of a general guillotined during the Reign of Terror.
15 May 1796
Nice and Savoy officially annexed to France by the Austrians
4 Jun 1796
Napoleon Bonaparte leads the Siege of Mantua, resulting in a French victory over the Austrians in northern Italy.
Oct 1796
Napoleon creates the Cisalpine Republic by merging Modena and Reggio nell’Emilia with the papal states of Bologna and Ferrara.
4 Sep 1797
Napoleon sends General Pierre Augereau and troops to Paris to support coup d'état
17 Oct 1797
Treaty of Campo Formio
Feb 1798
Napoleon advises invasion of Egypt
10 Jun 1798
Napoleon takes Malta
1 Jul 1798
Napoleon takes Alexandria
21 Jul 1798
Napoleon victorious in Battle of the Pyramids
1 Aug 1798
Nelson defeats Napoleon in Battle of the Nile
Sep 1798
Turkey declares war on France
20 Mar 1799
French defeated by the Ottomans at the Siege of Acre
22 Aug 1799
Napoleon leaves Egypt for Paris in the wake of unrest between moderate and radical factions.
9 Nov 1799
A coup d'etat in Paris dissolves the Directory and sets up the Consulate
25 Dec 1799
The Constitution of the Year VIII grants sweeping powers to the first consul of the Consulate of France, Napoleon Bonaparte.
15 Jul 1801
Napoleon's Concordat with Pope
27 Mar 1802
Treaty of Amiens brings temporary peace during Napoleonic Wars
Napoleon assembles army at Boulogne
May 1803
Britain declares war on France
21 Mar 1804
The Napoleonic Code
28 May 1804
Napoleon proclaims the Empire of France
Dec 1804
Spain declares war on Britain
2 Dec 1804
Coronation of Napoleon
May 1805
Napoleon crowned King of Italy
21 Oct 1805
Admiral Nelson defeats Franco at the Battle of Trafalgar
13 Nov 1805
Napoleon invades Vienna
2 Dec 1805
Napoleon's greatest victory at Battle of Austerlitz
26 Dec 1805
Austria signs the Treaty of Pressburg
Jul 1806
Confederation of the Rhine founded
7 Jul 1807
Napoleon and Russian emperor Alexander I sign the Treaties of Tilsit
Sep 1808
Napoleon meets with Alexander I of Russia
14 Oct 1809
Treaty of Schoenbrunn
Mar 1811
Napoleon's new wife Marie-Louise gives birth to a son
24 Jun 1812
Napoleon invades Russia
Sep 1812
Napoleon pursues Alexander I into Moscow, is forced to withdraw
19 Oct 1813
Napoleon's Grand Army suffers a disastrous defeat at the Battle of Leipzig (a.k.a. Battle of the Nations).
Mar 1814
Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Britain sign the Treaty of Chaumont against Napoleon
6 Apr 1814
Abdication of Napoleon
11 Apr 1814
Napoleon Exiled to Elba
1 Mar 1815
Escaping exile on Elba, Napoleon Bonaparte lands at Cannes with 1,500 men. Marching inland, he receives the support of republican peasants and wins over the soldiers dispatched to arrest him.
20 Mar 1815
Napoleon arrives in Paris, where he regains power by association with the French Revolution.
16 Jun 1815
Napoleon defeats the Prussians at Ligny, Belgium.
18 Jun 1815
Battle of Waterloo
22 Jun 1815
Napoleon abdicates power for second and final time
3 Jul 1815
In Rochefort, Napoleon tries to board a ship for the United States, but the British prevent any French vessels from leaving port.
15 Oct 1815
Napoleon arrives in exile on the island of St. Helena