Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455) Timeline

Birth of Lorenzo Ghiberti
Ghiberti leaves Florence for Pesaro to work as a painter.
Lorenzo Ghiberti returns to Florence from Pesaro after hearing about a competition to create bronze doors for the Florence Baptistery.
Beating out Brunelleschi and others, Lorenzo Ghiberti is chosen by a large panel of judges to create the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery. This brings the young Ghiberti immediate and enduring fame as an artist.
Lorenzo Ghiberti creates the north doors of the Florence Baptistery.
Lorenzo Ghiberti's mother marries Florentine goldsmith Bartolo di Michele, with whom she and Lorenzo had been living for a long time (he may be Lorenzo's father, but this is unclear). Bartolo trained Lorenzo as a goldsmith in his childhood.
The Arte dei Mercanti di Calimala, the guild of the merchant bankers, commission Lorenzo Ghiberti to sculpt a larger-than-life bronze statue of their patron saint, John the Baptist, for a niche on the outside of the guildhouse, the Orsan Michele. This is
Lorenzo Ghiberti creates three bronze statues for the Orsan Michele, Florence.
Lorenzo Ghiberti marries 16-year-old Marsilia, the daughter of wood carder Bartolomeo di Luca.
Lorenzo Ghiberti sculpts reliefs for Siena Cathedral
Lorenzo Ghiberti is commissioned to create two bronze reliefs for the baptistery font in Siena. He is already so busy that he does not finish them until 10 years later, under pressure from the Sienese authorities.
Lorenzo and Marsilia Ghiberti welcome their first son, Tommaso.
Lorenzo Ghibert's second son, Vittorio, is born. He will take over his father's business after his death.
While Pope Martin V is in Florence, Ghiberti is hired in his original trade as a goldsmith to create a morse and mitre for the pope. Unfortunately, these works do not survive.
Lorenzo Ghiberti creates the Gates of Paradise for the Florence Baptistery.
Lorenzo Ghiberti completes I Commentarii, three books of commentaries on the history of art from antiquity to his own time, including an autobiography.
1 Dec 1455
Death of Lorenzo Ghiberti