Late Gothic architectural style in France and Spain characterized by flamelike S-shaped curves in tracery and large expanses of windows.

Holly Hayes
November 18, 2011

Synonyms and Translations

  • Flamboyant
  • Flamboyant Gothic
  • Flamboyant Style
  • Gothic, Flamboyant
  • Tertiaire
  • G√≥tico Flamigero

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Refers to the last phase of French Gothic architecture, from about 1370 to the 16th century, as described by antiquarian Arcisse de Caumont (1802-1873). The style is characterized by an intensification and evolution of trends in advanced Rayonnant, including the use of leaner, lighter, frailer structures, the abolition of capitals, the addition of subsidiary ribs to form star-like patterns in the vaults, wider arcades with occasionally flattened curves, tracery in which reverse curves are opposed to create a flame-like shape, and pattern that is applied more extensively to the exterior of the structure. The Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus