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Bonn Münster
Bonn Basilica
Bonn Cathedral (incorrectly)
Bonn Minster
Collegiate Church of St. Cassius and St. Florentius
St. Martin's Basilica
50.733495° N, 7.099721° E
Gerhard-von-Are-Straße 5
0228 985 8810

Essays on Bonn Münster

  • Overview

    by Holly Hayes
    October 16, 2011

    Bonn's Münster stands in the center of the city on the Münsterplatz and Martinsplatz, just a short walk from the train station. It has five towers in all: square flanking towers on the east end, a round central tower 315 feet (96m) high, and two slender turrets on the west end. All are topped with spires. The plain west end is one of the oldest parts of the basilica, dating from the 11th century. Lying in the open plaza on the east end of the basilica are large sculpted heads of the Roman martyrs Cassius and Florentius, the patron saints of Bonn. Benno in Munich and St. continue reading →

Blog Posts on Bonn Münster

  • A Great Day Out in Bonn

    Posted January 29, 2008 by Holly Hayes Part of: Winter in Germany

    Thursday was a rainy day but we felt like going somewhere and taking pictures, so we drove into Bonn to check out the Rheinisches Landesmuseum (Rhineland Regional Museum). It was FAN-TASTIC. Here's some goofball munching on a pretzel outside the museum and apparently staring at a garbage can. Actually, it's a…

  • A Sunny Day Out in Bonn

    Posted December 17, 2007 by Holly Hayes Part of: Winter in Germany

    Yesterday we were ready to take a break from all our busy photography trips, but it was a beautiful day so we took a short trip into Bonn. We drove this time, mainly to avoid waiting for the tram in the cold. We had lunch at the Christmas market (David tried some Hungarian Paprika Gulasch in a bread bowl and loved it)…

  • Romanesque Churches of Bonn

    Posted December 13, 2007 by Holly Hayes Part of: Winter in Germany

    It is great to have David back from London (where he went to see a Led Zepplin concert). His flight was smooth and 20 minutes early, his baggage showed up on the belt as soon as he arrived, the car rental process was efficient, and he was home after less than 15 minutes' drive on the freeway. He said it was so good to…

  • First Visit to Bonn

    Posted December 3, 2007 by Holly Hayes Part of: Winter in Germany

    Today we took the tram into Bonn from our village on the outskirts. The tram is nice and smooth and the station is only a couple blocks from our house. We just walk through our neighborhood, cross a road, and there it is. And from there it is only a 10 minute ride to the heart of Bonn. The tram Bonn street scene We…

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  1. Official Website of Bonn Münster. Web. Official website.

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