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St. Stephen's Cathedral
48.208409° N, 16.373111° E
513 76 48

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  • Interior

    by Holly Hayes
    November 18, 2011

    The interior is packed with interesting things to see, including many important artworks. One of the greatest treasures is the Wiener Neustadt altarpiece (1447) in the left chapel of the choir. Richly gilded and painted, it depicts the Virgin Mary between St. Catherine and St. Barbara. The stone pulpit (1510-50) in the middle of the nave bears the images of four Latin church fathers: Ambrose, Jerome, Gregory and Augustine, all full of personality. A rare self-portrait of the artist (Anton Pilgram) is under the stairs, looking out a window with his sculptor's compass. continue reading →

  • Exterior

    by Holly Hayes
    November 18, 2011

    The cathedral is an impressive Gothic edifice of dark stone with a colorful tiled roof and a north tower rising to 450 feet (135m) named Alter Steffl, "Old Steve." Originally built between 1359 and 1433, it was reconstructed after severe war damage. A climb of 343 spiral steps provides sweeping view of the city from the top. The north tower (Nordturm) was never finished to match its partner, but was given a Renaissance crown in 1529. The top of this tower, also with fine views and a look at the Pummerin bell, is reached by an elevator ride. continue reading →

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