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Tewkesbury Abbey
51.968604° N, 1.928353° W
GL20 5RZ
01684 850959

Essays on Tewkesbury Abbey

  • Interior

    by Holly Hayes
    December 31, 2011

    The nave of Tewkesbury Abbey features fourteen impressively stout Norman pillars that form eight bays of round arches. This very Romanesque architecture, graceful in its strong and simple austerity, is topped by a Decorated Gothic lierne vault. The vault is delicately painted and studded with gilded bosses of musical angels and other figures. Happily these have gone untouched by either decay or iconoclasm in the seven centuries since they were installed. A mirror on a cart near the west door helps you get a better look. Their side windows are all filled with Victorian glass. continue reading →

  • Exterior

    by Holly Hayes
    December 31, 2011

    The exterior of Tewkesbury Abbey has cathedral-sized proportions, with a long nave, east end ringed by chapels, and the largest Norman tower in the world (14 m square and 45 m high). The west front has a unique recessed arch that soars 65 feet high, making it the largest exterior arch in the country. Entrance is through the great west door, which is uncommon in large churches nowadays (a side porch is more frequently used). The tracery of the west window dates from 1686; its glass from the Victorian restoration of 1886. continue reading →

Blog Posts on Tewkesbury Abbey

  • A Weekend of English Abbeys and Churches

    Posted May 8, 2007 by Holly Hayes Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

    We had a very nice weekend trip for the May Bank Holiday. We saw some new things and got lots of photos for my website, but also relaxed and took it pretty easy (comparatively). We also stayed flexible, which was unusual - we chose a general direction and found a couple sights to aim for, then left it open from there.…

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  1. Official Website of Tewkesbury Abbey. Web. Official website.

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