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Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Ely Cathedral
52.398629° N, 0.263404° E
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  • Overview

    by Holly Hayes
    October 27, 2011

    Ely (pronounced "eely") was an island for most of its history; the marshy Fens surrounding it were not drained until the 18th century. The great cathedral of Ely, which still appears to float on the flat surrounding landscape, has long been known as the "Ship of the Fens." Today, Ely Cathedral looks out over a lovely green space to the west, which continues around its north side. The great window of the Lady Chapel is also visible on the north side. The south side of the cathedral is home to one of the largest surviving ensembles of medieval monastic buildings in England. continue reading →

  • Listed Building Description

    “The National Heritage List for England,” English HeritageNovember 30, 2011Reprinted with permission on June 1, 2012.

    606/1/1 CATHEDRAL OF THE HOLY TRINITY 606/2/1A 23-SEP-50 GV I Revision Number: 2 Cathedral of the Holy Trinity 1082 TL 5480 1/1 23.9.50 TL 5479 2/1 GV 2. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was begun in 1083 by Simeon, a Kinsman of William the Conqueror and was virtually completed in its present form by 1350 after which no further major building took place. The nave and transepts have exceptionally fine C12 work, the chancel and west porch are C13 and the central crossing, lantern and the Lady Chapel are C14. The inner porch has some C15} work. continue reading →

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