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Roman Baths
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York St

Blog Posts on the Roman Baths

  • Just a Bit from Bath

    Just a Bit from Bath

    Posted October 12, 2012 by Holly Hayes Part of: Solo UK and France by Train

    I am currently in Bath and taking advantage of every minute in this beautiful city. I've been going out as soon as I get up for photos in the morning sun, staying out until after dark for photos in the twilight hour, standing around waiting for the sun to emerge from the clouds (always worth it), experimenting with…

  • Besselsleigh, Bath and Lots of Packing

    Posted November 10, 2007 by Holly Hayes Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

    Oy vey, have we ever been busy this week. I have so much to write about and so little time to do it! But here's a quick post to try to catch up. Monday: Besselsleigh The week started out with a brief Flickrmeet (at which members of the Oxfordshire Churches Group meet up to photograph churches) at Besselsleigh Church.…

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  1. Official Website of the Roman Baths. Web. Official website.

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