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Step Pyramid of Djoser
29.871267° N, 31.216294° E
North Saqqara, Egypt

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    by Holly Hayes
    October 27, 2011

    Djoser's pyramid was a revolutionary design. Previously, pharaohs were buried in rectangular mastabas (like that of Mereruka nearby). Imhotep created a pyramid by stacking six mastabas on top of each other. This design would later evolve into the smooth-sided pyramids seen at Giza and elsewhere. When it was first completed and covered in smooth limestone, the Step Pyramid had a height of 62m and a base area of 140m by 118m. Special permission is needed from the site's Antiquities Inspectorate to access the interior. One wall has a frieze of cobras. continue reading →

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Holly Hayes
October 8, 2013
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July 11, 2014