Chevet from Southeast (c.1080-96)
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St. Sernin Basilica
Basilica of St. Sernin
Basilique St-Sernin
St-Sernin Basilica
43.608531° N, 1.442103° E
Place Saint-Sernin
05 61 21 70 18

Essays on St. Sernin Basilica

  • Overview

    by Holly Hayes
    October 27, 2011

    Once surrounded by a tranquil cloister and various monastic buildings, the Basilica of St-Sernin is no longer blessed with a very atmospheric setting. A lovely garden has been installed at the east end, but the exterior is mostly hemmed in by newer buildings and dominated by a large parking lot on the south side. Nevertheless, the exterior is a magnificent sight, especially when approached from the east end - the Romanesque chevet is one of the most harmonious in France. The rooflines of the many chapels are lined with corbels carved with human and animal figures. continue reading →

Blog Posts on St. Sernin Basilica

  • Three Nights in Toulouse

    Posted July 10, 2008 by Holly Hayes Part of: The Great European Road Trip

    Tonight is the last of three nights we've spent in Toulouse, one of the largest cities in France and capital of Europe's aerospace industry. It's actually pretty nice for a big city and we've enjoyed our stay here. It's been consistently sunny and in the upper 80s; a little hot but not nearly as bad as the South was.…

Bibliography of St. Sernin Basilica

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