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Oude Kerk
52.374374° N, 4.898239° E

Blog Posts on the Oude Kerk

  • Leavin' on a Jet Plane

    Posted August 5, 2008 by Holly Hayes Part of: The Great European Road Trip

    We've had a great few days in Amsterdam and are so excited to head home in the morning!! We're really glad we chose to fly out of Amsterdam Schiphol - it's an excellent airport. It has always worked smoothly on our previous visits and there are lots of great shops and restaurants to wander around. We've already…

  • Amsterdam 2: Churches

    Posted November 28, 2006 by Holly Hayes Part of: Amsterdam Birthday Trip

    Unlike most European cities, Amsterdam does not have a great cathedral or an impressive array of churches. This in part because the city officially adopted Calvinism soon after the Reformation in 1578, and Calvinists are not fans of fancy religious art or architecture. So after the Reformation, Amsterdam's existing…

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  1. Official Website of the Oude Kerk. Web. Official website.

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