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  • Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill 1874-1965

    British statesman

    Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister, statesman, and author best known for his inspirational leadership of Britain during World War II.

  • Audrey Hepburn

    Audrey Hepburn 1929-93

    Belgian-British actress
  • Michelangelo

    Michelangelo 1475-1564

    Italian artist, architect

    Michelangelo was an Italian artist and architect considered one of the chief creators of the High Renaissance in Florence and Rome.

  • Caravaggio

    Caravaggio 1571-1610

    Italian painter

    Italian painter known for pioneering tenebrism (technique of illuminating subjects in deep shadow) and for his realistic depiction of formerly idealized subjects.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821

    French general and emperor

    French general and emperor who conquered most of Europe before being defeated at Waterloo.

  • Bertrand Russell

    Bertrand Russell 1872-1970

    Welsh philosopher, logician, activist

    Welsh philosopher, logician and activist who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950.

  • E. M. Forster

    E. M. Forster 1879-1970

    British novelist, essayist, critic

    British novelist, essayist, and critic.

  • Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens 1812-70

    English novelist

    Charles Dickens was the greatest English novelist of the Victorian Era, best known for A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations.

  • Charles Darwin

    Charles Darwin 1809-82

    English naturalist

    English naturalist best known for his voyages on the H.M.S. Beagle and his theory of evolution by natural selection, as published in On the Origin of Species (1859).

  • Edward Burne-Jones

    Edward Burne-Jones 1833-98

    British painter, stained glass designer, illustrator

    British painter, designer, and stained glass artist associated with the Pre-Raphaelite, Aesthetic, and Arts and Crafts movements.