Blog: September 2014

Road Trip: Spokane to Kalispell

Posted on September 28, 2014 by Holly Hayes
Day 2 (Spokane, WA, to Kalispell, MT) represented by geotagged photos taken along the way. Davenport Hotel, Spokane The first night of my road trip was spent at Spokane's historic Davenport Hotel, built in 1914. It's an impressive place with impressive history: "The Davenport Hotel was the first hotel in the United States with air conditioning, a central vacuum system, pipe organ and dividing doors in the ballrooms...

Road Trip: Portland to Spokane

Posted on September 24, 2014 by Holly Hayes
This is the first post in a series on a roadtrip from Oregon to Minnesota - and possibly beyond! As usual, I'm avoiding freeways, visiting historic places, staying in historic hotels, and eating in historic restaurants. The first day I drove from Portland, OR to Spokane, WA, with many stops along the way. Day 1 as represented by geotagged photos...