Just a Bit from Bath

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Solo UK and France by Train

I am currently in Bath and taking advantage of every minute in this beautiful city. I've been going out as soon as I get up for photos in the morning sun, staying out until after dark for photos in the twilight hour, standing around waiting for the sun to emerge from the clouds (always worth it), experimenting with some new photo techniques, taking my time exploring lots of great sights, and of course having lots of tea! And tonight I went to a play in a pretty little historic theater, and didn't get home until around 11pm.

Rainbow Over the Baths

Clearly I couldn't miss out on any of those wonderful opportunities to sit in front of the computer in my hotel room! So for now, please accept my apologies and the above sample photo of Bath, taken in the ancient Roman baths. I was thrilled to be in the right place at the right time for that one! And it's one of two rainbows that appeared in front of my lens today! I am such a lucky, lucky girl. Good night!