St. Gallen

Posted on October 29, 2010 by Holly Hayes
Part of: UK and Western Europe

We spent one night in St. Gallen because it was conveniently along our route and it has a World Heritage Site: the Abbey of St. Gall. The abbey was founded in 719 and was an important center of scholarship in the Middle Ages. The current building is Baroque, unfortunately, but impressively large. The abbey is especially famous for its library, which contains thousands of medieval books, many of them handwritten. Sadly I didn't have time to see the abbey library, but photos aren't allowed in there anyway.

Main street in St. Gallen

Abbey of St. Gall in the evening - I got there just in time before the sun went down! I left the hotel in such a hurry that I took David's camera instead of mine, but it served me well.

Interior of the abbey church

Morning view by David - just one of nearly 100 photos he took for me while I stayed in bed with my cold.

We left St Gallen around noon on Wednesday and enjoyed another scenic drive to our next destination, Lucerne.

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