Technical Difficulties Continue: Please Stand By

Posted on October 9, 2010 by Holly Hayes
Part of: UK and Western Europe

Just a brief note tonight to say that we've been having a good time and been busy getting lots of good pictures in SW England. Today we visited Gloucester Cathedral and the Cotswolds, and this evening we drove into Oxford for dinner at our favorite noodle place, Wagamama. It was so fun to see our old home city again. Tonight we're sleeping in a nice B&B on a farm in Abingdon, a few miles south of Oxford, and tomorrow we move to a hotel in Oxford proper.

Sadly I can't post any photos tonight because we've been busy tonight downloading photos, making more travel arrangements, and, worst of all, dealing with my computer's failing hard drive. This is very bad. David said it appears to be terminal. So far I don't think I've lost any photos, because I've been backing them up pretty regularly, but it's stressful because I can't know for sure. It will also be difficult to handle future photos and I'm not sure what we can do to fix or replace the hard drive on the road. But on the bright side, I'm lucky that David is a computer expert and we will be in Oxford and London next, which are the best places in the UK for shopping. And David had brought a small laptop on the trip too, so at least we're still basically functional. Still really not what we need, though!

Photos and better news to come in the next day or two, I hope!