The Next Trip: Portland to St. Paul

Posted on May 8, 2009 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Old West Road Trip

the next trip

Interactive version of the map here

Tomorrow morning we head off on our next trip: road-trippin' it to St. Paul, Minnesota, to visit my family. The markers are rough estimates of where we might stop for the night along the way.

We'll start on the northern route, which is the fastest and generally most boring. The total distance on that route is 1,753 miles, or about 25 hours of driving. After a week or so in Minnesota, we'll head back on the slower southern route, lingering for awhile in Wyoming and anywhere else that looks interesting.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll be able to get much internet access on our laptop during this trip, especially at Grandma's house in Minnesota, so photos from the road may be rather sparse. However, I can get online on my fancy new iPhone just about everywhere (except Montana and the Dakotas!), so I can check e-mail and try to do some basic blogs from the car. That's new technology to me and pretty exciting! I will do a full travelogue upon our return.