San Francisco Conference and Other Fun

Posted on April 22, 2009 by Holly Hayes
Part of: San Francisco Road Trip

ad:tech san francisco

Today was my ADSPACE conference and I really enjoyed it. It made me feel like I have a real job, and it was fun to be a Silicon Valley girl for a day. It was held in a slick new conference center and everything was ultra-modern and high-tech.


There was nothing super revelatory in the presentations, but lots of good info and ideas that should help me have more success with my websites in the future. Everyone seemed to be very optimistic and still thriving despite the economy, which was encouraging.

While I was at the conference - all day from 10 to 7 - David walked and rode cable cars around the city. He visited Haight-Ashbury, which he said was not impressive - just a run-down part of the city with lots of drug dealers. He also visited a park next to the Golden Gate Bridge and took some pretty photos. We were starving by the time I got out of the conference and we just picked up some very delicious Thai noodles from a place next to our hotel.

Yesterday we spent a very long day hiking up and down ridiculously steep hills in 95-degree heat. We visited a Neo-Gothic cathedral that was a weirdly exact copy of a European one, took a great cable car ride with some Germans, visited the boats and sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf, took pictures of Alcatraz, and ate sourdough bread. At night we visited a huge mall near our hotel that is apparently the third largest in the USA. It was very clean and nice and had some great stores. I got some new jeans.

Thankfully, the weather changed abruptly today. The high was only 70 or so, tomorrow is predicted to be in the 60s, and Friday might be only 58! It was a blessed relief to have cool weather today, although after dark it was downright cold in the wind. Amazing that we were sweating so much yesterday.

We've been taking tons of photos of the city, of course, but I'm afraid I would rather go to bed than find the best ones to post tonight. I might post some tomorrow, or I may just wait until we get home in a few days! But I will keep the updates coming. Tomorrow our general plans are to visit the Mission District, Chinatown, Japantown and whatever else sounds good.