Blog: August 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Posted on August 5, 2008 by Holly Hayes
We've had a great few days in Amsterdam and are so excited to head home in the morning!! We're really glad we chose to fly out of Amsterdam Schiphol - it's an excellent airport. It has always worked smoothly on our previous visits and there are lots of great shops and restaurants to wander around. We've already checked in electronically and scoped out our departure point, so here's hoping everything goes as well as we expect it to tomorrow! One of the best things about the airport is this panoramic terrace with a view of all the airplanes! It is so fun...

Day Trip to Leiden

Posted on August 2, 2008 by Holly Hayes
Tomorrow morning we leave Delft for Amsterdam, our last stop in Europe! It is pretty exciting to be getting so close to the home journey. Oostpoort (East Gate, c. 1400), Delft The second half of our week in Delft has been as pleasant as the first, consisting mostly of relaxing days around town plus a nice day trip to Leiden and The Hague. We've had a few more pancakes, a few more canal walks, and lots more easy conversations in English...