Where We Go From Here

Posted on February 26, 2008 by Holly Hayes
Part of: The Great European Road Trip

While David has been off on his adventure picking up our car in France today (which was going well last time I talked to him), I've been doing lots of travel planning! So here's what we'll be doing and seeing for most of March:

The current plans have us leaving Germany for Italy on March 21 or 22, so we have a few more weeks yet in the country. We will leave our apartment at around 9am Saturday morning March 1 and embark on our great adventure. First stop is Hildesheim, whose two old churches are a World Heritage Site. I'm very excited.

The preparations have been complicated by the fact that we have no internet in our apartment anymore. Argh! It went down yesterday morning and hasn't come back yet, so I'm currently typing this on the tiny laptop keyboard, sitting in the BMW at the end of our street while it's getting dark. Some guy who lives down here provides free wireless internet through a German scheme called FON (thank goodness!).

On the Oscars front, I'm happy to report that they were almost entirely in English and I was able to watch most of them until I fell asleep sometime after 5 AM. They had a German interviewer on the red carpet who effortlessly switched back and forth between English interviews with movie stars and German narration for the folks back home. Then the awards were entirely in English with no subtitling or dubbing at all. Pretty exciting!