Cuddesdon Village

Posted on July 17, 2007 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Summer in an Oxfordshire Village

Saturday afternoon we walked up the hill from Great Milton to the village of Cuddesdon. Its church was great and the village was lovely, too. Here's a few pics.

Some heavy traffic on the way up the hill.

oxfordshire villages
Road signs in Cuddesdon.

Gate to Cuddesdon Church.

Cuddesdon Parish Church, which is good and old - founded in 1180.

capitals, sw tower crossing
12th-century carved capitals - note the beastie on the right. Looks like Bigfoot!

beastie at nw tower crossing, facing nave
Another medieval monster next to an arch.

d.1922 celtic post box
Some nice tombstones and a post box (in the village)

ripon college, cuddesdon
Down the road is Ripon College, founded in the 1800s to train Anglican ministers.