End of the Oxford Era

Posted on July 7, 2007 by Holly Hayes
Part of: Graduate School in Oxford

I'm pleased to be able to report that I passed my exams and will actually receive an MPhil degree!! Hooray!!! (If you're just joining us, I was studying Early Christian and Greco-Roman religious history, I took exams on June 14-15, defended my dissertation on June 29, and June 27-30 we moved from Oxford out to the nearby village of Great Milton.)

We drove into Oxford this morning to check my exam results and do some other errands, and we had a great time. It was even sunny for the first time in maybe two weeks, which was fabulous. I brought the little camera along to snap some more pics of our beloved ex-hometown.

Examination Schools, with the results posted and some folks in academic dress.

Being such a prestigious university, Oxford of course has a highly sophisticated system of posting exam results - stapling them to a board in no particular order.

This is the very pretty side of the Examination Schools, where I exited after my first exam and had many lectures over the last couple years. I had such fun learning about Constantine and Roman religion there! Good times.

Here's a few more pictures taken this morning during our quick walk around town:

holywell street, oxford
Holywell Street, not far from the Schools.

Blackwell's bookshop, largest in the UK.

st. michael at the north gate
St. Michael's Church, oldest in Oxford.

It was interesting how different it felt to be back in Oxford now that we don't live there anymore. It's only been about a week since we were there of course, and yet the fact that we can't just walk or bus into town whenever we feel like it makes us appreciate the beautiful sights even more than usual.

country roads
The pretty (but somewhat scary on the corners!) country road near our new place in Great Milton.